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Cheyenne Sophia

Cheyenne Sophia

Cheyenne Sophia, jeune photographe vivant sur Brooklyn, photographie ses amies et des auto-portraits allant jusqu'à dévoiler son intimité. Ces portraits aux couleurs saturées, presque irréelles, montrent une jeunesse rêveuse loin de tous tabous et des préoccupations actuelles, où le temps reste figé. Une échappatoire onirique et poétique, mais qui tend à une forme de recherche d'identité, où chacun tente de trouver sa place à travers ses expériences, là où il est encore parfois difficle d'afficher sa différence.


"I started taking self portraits when i was probably fifteen or sixteen but i never showed anyone and i don’t think they exist anymore. i would lock myself in my room for an hour and be all weird when my mom tried to come in; i think she thought i was shooting something really shady. high school made me feel really shitty about myself; it made me feel bad about things i hadn’t even explored yet. when i was seventeen i was involved with a girl. this is when i figured out that it’s okay to be naked and sweaty and gross sometimes and still feel fucking awesome. i became sort of obsessed with that feeling and i guess that’s when it began. suddenly vaginas weren’t a big secret and everyone was showering together. i’m inspired by people–friends, lovers, whatever; we all experience the beauty and grime of intimacy but sometimes we’re made to feel ashamed of it. all my photos feel pretty auto-biographical to me even if i’m not directly in them; they represent what i find beautiful and significant in that moment. so i guess self-portraiture is just an extension of this; i am an important part of my own life and so i want to document that too. i’m just as fascinated by myself as i am with everyone around me. i’m apart of my own intimacy." 



Cheyenne Sophia, young photographer living in Brooklyn, take his friends and self-portraits and reveal her intimity. These portraits with saturated colors, almost unreal, show young dreamers, they don't care taboos and their society. where time stop. Like dream and poetic escape, but tends to a form of identity search. where everyone tries to find his place through his experiences, where it's still sometimes that difficult to display their differences.


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Written by Lonely † Boy

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